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Aixam Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF

Aixam Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF: From the mid-1980s, the French manufacturer Aixam occupied a niche in the automotive industry with three-wheeled light vehicles and minicars that could be driven without a driver’s license. The company’s idea was that, thanks to their lightweight design and low engine power, the two-seaters would provide mobility for people for whom a conventional passenger car was out of the question. The prerequisites for this were that the light cars could not travel faster than 45 km/h and weighed no more than 350 kilograms. If these conditions were met, the vehicles could be driven in Germany with a Class S driver’s license and were exempt from registration and tax.

As one of the first four-wheeled models up to 45 km/h, Aixam introduced the Aixam 325 D powered by a diesel engine. In the 1990s, the Aixam Revolution and Evolution sedan series followed, as well as the Innovation series later on, and then the Impulsion series in 2010. Building on this, the model range was expanded with convertibles and, since 2003, with commercial vehicles under the Aixam Mega brand. The company’s new objective: the models were to be perceived as practical city cars. In addition to the models suitable for driving license class S, Aixam therefore also focused on the more powerful variants.

As license-free light vehicles, the French have been offering an updated series since 2010 with the Aixam City and Aixam Crossline models. Also in the range: the Aixam Scouty hardtop convertible. The two-seaters are equipped with diesel engines from the Japanese manufacturer Kubota, combined with an automatic transmission. The manufacturer quotes consumption of 2.9 liters, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of just under 78 g per kilometer.

With the Aixam Crossline GT and the convertible Aixam Scouty GTR, the manufacturer expanded its range with two more powerful gasoline models that can be driven with driving license class B and are subject to registration. The gasoline models reach a top speed of 93 kilometers per hour.

In 1992, the French entered a completely different vehicle class with their Mega brand: Under the name Mega Track, Aixam presented a 395-hp sports car with a V12 unit from Mercedes. This was followed four years later by the presentation of the Aixam Mega Monto Carlo sports coupe. After that, Aixam commercial vehicles were marketed under the Mega brand name. Three body styles were offered: as a Mega minivan, as a variant with a flatbed body, and a pickup version. All three models were registration-free and could be driven with a Class S driver’s license.

Aixam offered vehicles with electric motors in the form of the driver’s license-free single-seater Mega Charly model, the speed of which was limited to 15 km/h. The Mega Charly model was also available with a closed driver’s cab. In addition to this model with a closed driver’s cabin, there was also an open version in the form of the Mega electric scooter. While these vehicles were designed for the target group of senior citizens and people with walking disabilities, Aixam also used its expertise to develop an electrically powered version of its small sedan Aixam City. Initially built only as a right-hand drive model from 2007, the Mega e City was also launched as a left-hand drive model in 2011.

Aixam Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF

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