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Acura NSX Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF

Acura NSX Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF: In the course of building up the Japanese auto industry since the 1950s, the major market players endeavored to give their companies an increasingly independent profile and to develop manufacturing technologies and models independently of Western know-how. In this way, they created the basis for their export offensives since the 1970s, which made Japanese small and compact cars in particular, as well as mid-range models and later sport utility vehicles (SUVs), known abroad.

Although domestically produced sports cars were popular in Japan, outside the country they were more of an insider’s tip for enthusiasts who placed less value on prestige when buying a car and could instead obtain high-performance coupes with advanced technology at relatively low prices. Thanks to its involvement in Formula 1, Honda in particular had a good chance of competing with the established manufacturers abroad as a supplier of sports models. The NSX coupe from the 1990 to 2005 model period, which the Japanese offered under their own brand name and under the label of their luxury brand Acura, established in some markets, was to pave the way for this. With the new edition of the Acura model in 2016, Honda then further developed the NSX into the prestige project of a super sports car with hybrid technology.

Acura NSX Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF

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Acura NSX 1991-1994 Body Repair Manual PDF.rar 6.3Mb Download
Acura NSX 1991-1996 Service & Repair Manual PDF.rar 54Mb Download
Acura NSX 1997-2005 Service & Repair Manual PDF.rar 48.8Mb Download
Acura NSX Repair Manual.rar 43.7Mb Download

However, prestige was already at stake when Honda introduced the Acura sports car to the public in 1990 and added more and more elements from professional racing to the equipment over the next few years. The first-generation NSX, for example, got an aluminum body and chassis, a mid-engine mounted behind the seats for better weight distribution, and a drive-by-wire system for ultra-fast electronic transmission of throttle and steering commands. Many of these Honda engineering developments were firsts in a production model and gave Acura’s NSX a reputation as a sports coupe with unique selling points. This was also true in terms of comfort features, which brought common sedan features to sports cars with cruise control, power seats, air conditioning and an audio system. Accordingly, the NSXs of the first construction phases between 1990 and 2005 are today considered sports car classics by Acura, which differ in many respects from classic sports coupes of their construction period, as they combine everyday practicality with racing technology.

The NSXs of the first generation also demonstrated their exceptional character on the outside. The rather angular body with filigree A-pillars turned out extremely flat with a height of a good 1.17 meters and was inspired by the cockpit of a fighter jet with its generous glazing with long front and rear windows. Behind the passenger compartment, which was shifted far forward, the Acura sports car featured a long protruding rear and fin-like fenders that were connected by a fixed rear wing. In addition, the NSX of the first two construction phases from 1990 to 2002 received characteristic folding headlights, which Honda replaced only after the model update in 2002 by a conventional headlight system. In this form, the Acura remained in the program until 2005.

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