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Acura MDX Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF

Acura MDX Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF: There was a simple reason for this exclusivity: the main sales markets for large SUVs were the USA and Canada. There, above all, production figures could be realized that gave the manufacturers good margins despite the generally low price level for SUVs there compared to Europe. One example of an SUV that was only supplied to Germany as an import car and had rarity value in this country was the MDX, which the Japanese manufacturer Honda launched in 2000 under the label of its premium brand Acura.

As a brand, Acura was generally not present in the Honda program in Europe. Unlike the Japanese competition, the manufacturer refrained from launching its luxury offshoot there. As a private or dealer import, however, the MDX were occasionally found on the market for used cars in Germany. The owners of an Acura did not have to fear problems with maintenance and repair. Because over the workshop network of Honda contract partners also a MDX could take up after its way over the Atlantic in Germany the necessary service. Despite its role as an exotic member of the SUV class, the U.S. bestseller from Acura had good chances as a used car in Europe. The reason: The Japanese produced the MDX as a 7-seater with a third row of seats for two additional passengers as standard. And some similarly sized SUVs from the competition couldn’t necessarily come up with this equipment in the basic configuration.

Acura MDX Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF

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Acura MDX 2006-2009 Service Repair Manual.rar 148.5Mb Download
Acura MDX 2014 Navigation and Multimedia System – User Guides.rar 7Mb Download
Acura MDX 2014 Service Repair Manual.rar 33.1Mb Download

The MDX had the space for a third row of seats to thank for the fact that Acura was consistently intent on incorporating the classic virtues of a U.S. mid-size SUV into the design of the first generation built from 2000 to 2006. In concrete terms, this meant that the MDX was given a cube rear end with generous glazing for passengers in the third row. In terms of overall design, the Acura displayed the restraint typical of many U.S.-made SUVs of those years. Unobtrusive and businesslike, the five-door model built by Honda in Canada came out of the factory.

In the second generation, introduced in 2007, the MDX was allowed to show more character. Stouter but more dynamic, the SUV’s exterior now appeared more compact. This was mainly due to the changed proportions: With a width of almost two meters and a height of 1.73 meters, Acura made the MDX, which had grown to almost 4.85 meters in length, both flatter and wider. In addition, the far-reaching plastic cladding above the front gunner was reminiscent of the off-road origins of the SUVs that had advanced to luxury models. However, there were restrictions for the passengers in the third row: Instead of the previously installed rectangular window, the MDX now had a cut side window in the format of conventional vehicles in the generation produced until 2013. With the 2010 model update, Acura returned to the more inconspicuous design of the original versions, or at least dispensed with the off-road hints in the smoothed front.

With the relocation of MDX production to a U.S. plant of Honda-Acura simultaneously entered the retread third generation of the SUV, which went on sale in 2013. The SUV now exuded the elegance of a luxury sedan, featuring window frames edged with chrome, elongated LED headlights and a flatter front windshield. A wide bar in the look of polished aluminum adorned the radiator grille with the logo of Acura. At the same time, the Japanese gave the MDX a larger interior, which was again designed as a 7-seater with a vehicle length of now almost 4.92 meters. A thick carpeting and sound-absorbing glass should ensure that the Acura could also show the limousine character of the upper class in the interior.

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