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Acura Legend Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF

Acura Legend Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF: In addition to the classic Honda Civic series and the Honda CRX coupe derived from it, the Japanese had mid-range sedans and station wagons roll off the production line under the name Honda Accord from the mid-1970s. Above this was the Honda Legend, which first came to Europe in the mid-1980s and became the manufacturer’s top model there.

The Honda Legend is built as a sedan and a coupe

With the Honda Legend, the manufacturer hoped to achieve success in the upper middle class in the important European markets. In order to be able to achieve this, Honda relied on a cooperation with the British constructor Rover for the development of the Legend. Rover used the jointly developed construction platform for the Rover 800 and also manufactured the Honda Legend, which was intended for sale on the markets in Europe. Like the British predecessor to the Rover 75, the front-wheel-drive Honda Legend was produced in several body versions. Production started with the Honda Legend sedan, which was followed by a two-door coupe in 1987.

The first generations of the Honda Legend

In order to establish itself in the upper middle class, the Japanese designed the Honda Legend, a model which, with a length of over 4.80 meters and a width of over 1.70 meters, had dimensions typical of the class and with its angular body shape corresponded to the taste of the time. A special feature of the Honda Legend from this first generation onwards: both the coupés and the saloons were fitted with a sporty V6 engine, which in the first generation built until 1990 produced up to 127 kW (173 hp). In 1990, a new generation of sedans and coupes of the Honda Legend came on the market, which remained in the program until 1996. The most important innovation: the Acura Legend received a V6 engine with an increased displacement of 3.2 liters, which could now mobilize up to 150 kW (204 hp).

The newer generations of the Honda Legend

In 1996, the Japanese introduced the third generation of the Honda Legend, built until 2004, which was only offered as a sedan and received an engine with an increased output of 158 kW (215 hp). In the 2005 model year, the all-wheel drive successor was released, which received a new 3.7 liter engine with 221 kW (300 hp) in 2009.

Acura Legend Service & Repair – Workshop Manuals PDF

Title File Size Download Link
Acura Legend 1991 – 1995 Service Repair Manual.rar 47.7Mb Download
Acura Legend Coupe First Generation Service Repair Manual.rar 39.3Mb Download


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